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The Red Cross charity organization operates globally and it is considered to be one of the most reliable and widely known donation companies around the world. For people seeking financial and emotional support, the Red Cross is a name that can be trusted not just in Australia but in many other countries where it operates.

Its performance in Australia is quite admirable. Currently, the charity is running multiple op shops and dedicated services for those with mental health issues, in need of senior support, shelters for the homeless, and those who need financial help urgently. So far, it has invested more than $800 million in charitable causes as highlighted by the company’s financial statements.

The charity maintains thousands of donation bins and thrift stores across the country. It funds its operation through the sale of donated items in the shops. The organization is open to donations like toys, books, accessories, furniture, homewares, clothes, shoes, and much more. However, it is recommended that you visit the particular location to confirm that they will accept what you want to donate.

A simple search of Red Cross donation bins near me will turn up multiple options since it has hundreds of these across the country.

Please make sure that you donate usable items only. Donation is not meant to be used as an excuse to clear your closet of stained, smelly clothing. You must come forward with items that are in good condition.

Moreover, you can look into more organizations’ donation locations near you right here! Australia has multiple charity donations running across the country in addition to the Red Cross. We are sure there will be plenty of alternatives that you can find in your area that will be willing to reuse and recycle old clothing for charitable purposes. Simply select your city from the menu above and we will show close matches from one of our largest databases.

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