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Save The Children charity was established in 1919. The organization has been working for over a century now with one aim only: To improve the lives of millions of children in different parts of the world through donation and development programs.

It has partnered with local communities and governments even in hard-to-reach areas to ensure that helpful programs are fully implemented to create better lives for children and their families.

Needless to say, its operation is not limited to Australia only but it is one of the countries where the company is quite prominent amongst other options due to its multiple contributions to society.

Moreover, Save The Children has paid special attention over the years to help in the rehabilitation of disaster-struck areas. For example, when the Indonesia Tsunami happened in 2018, it is one of the few organizations that came forward immediately to provide shelter to people who lost their homes and create employment opportunities for those in need. Its efforts in famine-stricken areas of North Africa and during the Yemen crisis in 2015 are also quite commendable.

Save The Children funds its causes by accepting donations of various items like clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, homeware, books, and more. It has maintained several stores where it sells donations to gather funds for the needy. Although most types of donations are acceptable, it would still be better if you can call beforehand to check.

Please make sure that you donate usable items only. Donation is not meant to be used as an excuse to clear your closet of stained, smelly clothing. You must come forward with items that are in good condition.

Moreover, you can look into more organizations’ donation locations near you right here! Australia has multiple charity donations running across the country in addition to Save The Children. We are sure there will be plenty of alternatives that you can find in your area that will be willing to reuse and recycle old clothing for charitable purposes. Simply select your city from the menu above and we will show close matches from one of our largest databases.

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