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The Brotherhood of St Laurence donation and charity organization was established in 1930 in New South Wales. It emerged as a ray of hope during The Great Depression thanks to Father Gerard Kennedy Tucker, an activist and a social reformer who worked day and night for its success.

Ever since it was founded, the company has been working tirelessly in the greater Melbourne area and locations around Australia with a primary goal to provide help to those in need and support poverty-stricken society through financial society. The headquarters were initially set in Sydney but following three years of operation, they were moved to Melbourne and remain there to date.

The charity has multiple donation bins and retail stores where you can donate clothes and other items. It mostly sells donated items to gather funds for support programs like youth employment, financial inclusion, climate change, inclusive growth, and unemployment benefits. It is open to donations of all types except for furniture. You should call the particular store beforehand to confirm the list of items that they take.

Although it has been around for almost a century now, the charitable organization is not as big as some other prominent names in the donation market that collect clothing and homeware. Nonetheless, it is operating to the best of its abilities and helping out many locals through different donation programs.

Please make sure that you donate usable items only. Donation is not meant to be used as an excuse to clear your closet of stained, smelly clothing. You must come forward with items that are in good condition.

Moreover, you can look into more organizations’ donation locations near you right here! Australia has multiple charity donations running across the country in addition to the Brother of St Laurence. We are sure there will be plenty of alternatives that you can find in your area that will be willing to reuse and recycle old clothing for charitable purposes. Simply select your city from the menu above and we will show close matches from one of our largest databases.

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