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The Salvation Army, also known as Salvos, was established in 1865. Its founding members are Catherine and Willian Booth. Little is known about their personal lives except that they resided in London. Their charity, Salvos, has been able to build a strong reputation over time and people now completely trust this name when they wish to donate. The Salvation Army was brought to Australia in 1880 by John Gore and Edward Saunders.

It is one of the most prominent charity organizations not just in Australia but across the globe as well. Currently, it runs operations in more than 135 countries and has over 1.5 million members, volunteers, and staff to oversee the projects that it has started to help those in need.

It is safe to say that this charity has now become a household name that everyone is aware of and many generous Australians love to donate to their cause from time to time.

In addition to the charity works that it carries out, The Salvation Army has also established more than 350 churches in Australia. This is because their work is not limited to financial assistance only but also wished to guide the needy spiritually.

Other than that, you will find multiple op shops and stores by the Salvation Army scattered across different cities in Australia. These donation bins and retail stores are open to items like clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, and much more. To be on the safe side, do call the particular location to confirm that they will accept the items that you wish to donate.

Please make sure that you donate usable items only. Donation is not meant to be used as an excuse to clear your closet of stained, smelly clothing. You must come forward with items that are in good condition.

Moreover, you can look into more organizations’ donation locations near you right here! Australia has multiple charity donations running across the country in addition to the Salvos. We are sure there will be plenty of alternatives that you can find in your area that will be willing to reuse and recycle old clothing for charitable purposes. Simply select your city from the menu above and we will show close matches from one of our largest databases.

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