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Explore Canberra Clothing Donation Bins & Charity Bins Near You

Canberra has a small population as compared to “big” cities in Australia like Melbourne. This gives off the impression that perhaps it would not host a sufficient number of charity centers but that is not true!

You will be able to find a charity bin near you in Canberra given that several organizations are working here and maintaining donation bins as well as thrift stores. Some have also opened retail stores selling second-hand items that accept donations as well.

As long as your clothes are in good condition and fit to wear, you can contact these charitable organizations to donate clothes and other goods. However, do not take pieces of garments that are torn, smelly, or stained beyond repair. It is better to throw away such clothes or use them as rags at home before you dispose of them.

Most of these organizations are open to donations of clothes, shoes, appliances, linen, homeware, kitchenware, etc.

The Salvation Army, The Smith Family, SCR Group, Red Cross, and The Vinnies are a few of the largest organizations that accept clothing donations as well as other items in Canberra.

Although most donation points accept a wide variety of items, their donation policy may not allow for the collection of certain things. Therefore, it is advised to contact the particular store beforehand to confirm the list of things they take.

You will find these charities all over Canberra including suburbs such as Campbell, Fyshwick, Lyneham, Aranda, Mawson, etc.

Below is the complete list of charity bins near you in Canberra that we know of. There may still be a few missing so why don’t you help us out by letting us know if you have come across any others?

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